Exploring Affective Storytelling with→→ VisualDesign NewMedia Technolog Exploring Affective Storytelling with→→ VisualDesign NewMedia Technolog

Rotterdam, NL
Nanjing, CN

↓ Expertise


●●●●●●●●         Graphic Design / Visual Identity
                           Tools: Adobe suite package

●●●●●●◦◦         UI / UX (Design Research)
‍                           Tools: Figma, Xd, Sketch, Webflow...

●●●●●◦◦◦         Motion Graphic & Video Editing
‍                           Tools: AE, Pr

●●●●◦◦◦◦         3D Concept and Visualization
                           Tools: Cinema4D, Unity

●●●◦◦◦◦◦         Coding Skills
                           HTML, CSS, P5.js, Processing, open sourc

↓ Education


2017 - 2019       Master Institute of Visual Cultures, AKV St.Joost, Den Bosch, NL
                           MA_Graphic design & Fine art

2016 - 2017       Design Academy Eindhoven, NL 
                           MA_Information design 

2009 - 2013       China Academy of Art Hangzhou, CN  
                           BA_Visual communication

↓ Work Experience


Aug. 2021 - current  
UI UX Designer
NextportChina B.V. Amsterdam, NL 
Design & Create solution-driven digital products related to e-commerce, technology, culture, tourism, education and corporate, including websites and applications (Mini Programs on WeChat).

2020 - current   
Freelance Designer
Zen-Zhu Studio (KvK)
Creative design strategies and visual products for individual customers, start-ups and organizations.

2021 Summer 
Digital Transformation Trainer
Digital Society School Amsterdam, NL

Aug-Oct. 2020
Media Designer Intern
UNI_VERSE Studio Amsterdam, NL

2013 - 2016  
Art editor, Visual Designer & journalist
JiangSu Broadcasting Corporation, Nanjing, CN

Design related work for TV Programm and Concert Event

↓ Interests

Running; Swimming; Hiking
Fusion cooking; Gardening
Media Art; Museum; Social-Psychology Study